Buy Inexpensive Ladies Shoes Or Designer?

Do you buy inexpensive ladies shoes or designer ladies shoes? Inexpensive ones are so cheap. You can buy so many to go with every outfit. Designer ones exude class and wealth. Wearing designer shoes just makes you feel so glamorous too. There are a few other reason to consider on whether you should buy designer or inexpensive ones.

Inexpensive shoes are great because you can buy so many for such fantastic prices. You can own a pair of high heels in every color of the rainbow. You can have the right pair of shoes to go with every outfit in your closet. They can be found in stores a lot easier than designer ones as well. If a pair breaks you can always replace them with a new pair. They do not have a designer label, but no one has to know. Or who cares if they do know. It is all about how you wear the shoes.

A designer pair can make you feel like a star. Shoes with a designer label have a symbol of wealth and class. Many celebrities wear designer shoes. The shoes are usually made of very expensive materials, which make them last longer than cheap shoes. However, you may not be able to afford every color in the rainbow. You should treat yourself to that pair you have been wanting forever though. Save up your money and buy them, but only if they are on sale. There is no reason to pay that high price tag, when you can get a pair of designer lady shoes for a great deal.

Whether you buy designer or inexpensive shoes depends on you. Buy whatever shoe you want. There is no reason why you cannot buy both, especially when you can buy designer brands for a great bargain. And you can get a bargain, you just have to shop at the right shoe stores at the right time. The shoe does not really make the lady. Yes, the wrong pair can make your outfit look hideous. However, your confidence and how you walk in your shoes is what really matters. Smile and laugh in the shoes you are in.

Buying shoes is just plain fun. Finding that perfect pair with a great price is like finding buried treasure. Buy a whole bunch of cheap pairs in every color. Buy those designer ones that you have been dying for. Buy both designer and inexpensive ones. Your shoe collection demands it. Make sure you shop around until you find the best bargain. Wear your ladies shoes with confidence, because it is all about confidence.

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