What Is Business Growth Optimization?

I think a good way to initially answer this question, is to draw an analogy to a perfectly timed automobile engine running on all cylinders, smoothly, fully optimizing its capability to produce maximum power. Similarly, the small business growth company that is fully optimizing its core business competencies, is structured to maximize competitive advantages and has a strategic business growth framework; running smoothly on all cylinders if it were, is attaining Business Growth Optimization. It is a journey that requires strategic planning, strategy implementation and execution, and vision.

The journey to Business Growth Optimization cannot be contrived, contrite or minimized in anyway. It requires an unrelenting passion and desire to accomplish strategic business   digital agency goals and objectives that are focused directly on growth, and how to achieve it maximizing what it is you do best. The journey to achieving Business Growth Optimization requires an eight-step process:

1. Take Action, Make the decision to proceed, move forward.
2. Assess your opportunity, assess your business situation.
3. Envision your field of strategic opportunity.
4. Plan your approach.
5. Execute your plan.
6. Attain.
7. Become an authentic leader.
8. Achieve Business Growth Optimization.

The first step requires conviction, determination and commitment to take action. Often this is the most difficult place to start for a small business enterprises firmly engaged in day-to-day business; when daily business activities take up all your time. But this is when you need to step back from working in your business, and make the decision to proceed, move forward and work on your business. Step two is essential in that you want to have a full assessment of your present business situation. Think of it in terms of what it is you do today. This will be followed by identifying in step three what it is you want to achieve. Step four involves producing the strategic solution to fill the gap between what you are presently doing, and what you want to achieve. This will be the basis for your business plan; which may require revision. If you do not have a business plan, this is when you develop it, to be followed by development of a strategic growth plan. Steps five and six are concerned with the implementation of your plan and its execution.

Step seven requires a little explanation, and it comes from my soon to be released book, “See the Green$: Achieving Your Entrepreneurial Dream”. Authentic Leadership is an internal strength to forge ahead in the face of obstacles, based on a strong moral compass; focused on a vision of a better place, living a balanced life, with personal integrity. Authentic leaders emerge from successfully passing through a “crucible of life” where personal mettle is tested. The definition of mettle is inner strength, courage, heart, or fortitude. Your mettle is what you are made of either by birth or acquired skills and experiences. Your mettle is what you rely on when you are most challenged. Authentic leadership pursues the right path to corporate profits and wealth accumulation through adamant social responsibility and principled behavior to effectively grow a business; authentic leadership is essential to doing what is right. The authentic leader provides the vision, motivation and conviction for successfully achieving Business Growth Optimization.

Step eight is the goal, the objective. This is the point at which the small business enterprise transcends mediocrity and becomes growth oriented and bound. My experience suggests that Business Growth Optimization occurs at the point where a company is fully maximizing its core competencies to increase market share and achieve business growth objectives as a result of ‘continuous wins’ which keeps them on their increasing returns growth curve, as opposed to reaching a point of diminishing returns and eventual stagnation, and possible collapse. When I say Business Growth Optimization, I am not referring to search engine optimization, mathematical optimization or any biological process; although invariably it does relate to the process of innovation, adaptation and to a point, assimilation typical to the fields of natural science.

In my experience, attaining Business Growth Optimization is a three-tier process involving a strategic framework that focuses on growth, captures the most important core competencies and provides for the establishment of an organization structure that promotes growth. To achieve this for my clients, I promote a Business Growth Optimization archetype consisting of my propriety SOLE Framework, achieved through the establishment of our adaptation of the Hedge Hog Concept into the Hedge Hog Model and implementation of my Cultural Competitiveness Organization structure. This involves:


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