How Affiliate Marketing Works: The Basics

Despite the popularity of affiliate marketing, some people still ask the question “What is affiliate marketing?” or “how can I make money with affiliate marketing?” This article will answer that question and tells you what you need to make money in affiliate marketing.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing strategy whereby a person (the affiliate) promotes the products/services of other people or companies for a commission. legrosjambon The company whose product the affiliate promote is called the merchant. In some programs, you get commission when people just sign up or download a software through your link.

You can join an affiliate program through affiliate networks. An affiliate network serves as a broker between the affiliate and the merchant. The network handles payment processes and ensures that no one is dupe. Few examples of affiliate networks are ClickBank and Commission Junction ( While registering with an affiliate network, you’ll be required to provide some personal and payment information. Once registered you are free to choose and start promoting any product of your choice. For each product you want to promote, you will be provided with a special affiliate link. Whenever somebody makes a purchase through your link you’ll receive a commission. Apart from crediting you for a sale, another thing the affiliate link does is to drop a cookie into the computer of anyone who clicks on it. This way, even if the person who clicks on your link does not buy immediately, you will still be credited if the person comes back and buy within a period of 30 or 90 days, depending on how long the cookie is made to last.

The above is basically how affiliate marketing works, that is, you sign up with a network, choose some products and start promoting them through your affiliate links. This is not as easy as it sounds; the real work is in the promotion. There are many smart tactics super affiliates use in their promotion but the most important is lead capture. To make it big you must capture the email addresses of visitors to your website. This is because in order to persuade a visitor to buy, you must educate them on the benefits of the product while feeding them with valuable information. Having your visitor’s email means that you can sell more than one products to a customer.

Another important thing you’ll need to make money with affiliate marketing is traffic, you have to be conversant with both free and paid methods of traffic generation. You can get free traffic from article directories, blog comments, forums, social networking sites, search engines and free to use websites. Paid advertising can be in the form of pay-per-click, link advertising or cost-per-mile advertising.

There are other things you need to make money with affiliate marketing, for example, you have to choose the right niche and products if you want to see good result. You also have to learn things like search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, HTML coding, how to use autoresponders effectively, how to write engaging articles, article marketing etc.

The final truth is that making money with affiliate marketing requires some work and effort. You must be determine and believe that you can succeed. Many new affiliate marketers fail because they lack an action plan. Your action plan contains a list of things you’ll do daily in order to achieve your goal. Having a sort of one week marketing action plan can go a long way to help you.

If you want to fasten your learning process and learn how to do things the faster way, then you have to get a good affiliate marketing guide that already contain a step-by-step one week marketing action plan.

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