Understanding Vision And Glasses Prescriptions – Use Your Prescription To Order Glasses Online

Of course it is essential that you get the right glasses for your eyes and don’t waste your time. If you have read my blog on refractive errors then i’m confident you’re not completely lost, however the next step is knowing what your optician has put down on your prescription in order for you to enter your glasses details into the sites so you can get the perfect glasses for your eyes.

If you don’t have a prescription, bookmark this site, make an appointment at your local optician and then come back as soon as your ready. You need to remember not to be pressured into buying glasses you don’t want when at theĀ  Borosilicate Tube optician. Come back here and ill lead you to the glasses you really want, your eyes deserve it.

Vision wizard

right now you may be confused and intimidated by the crazy numbers on your glasses prescription. I have broken it down into simple glasses knowledge that you can easily use to purchase your glasses online in the near future.

Your glasses prescription

this allows a glasses lens to be made that corrects your eyesight whether it be myopia (short-sight), hyperopia (long-sight), astigmatism (uneven sight) or presbyopia (old-age sight). There is a number representing the power of your glasses lens and is measured in diopters.

There are three important numbers

For example (-5.00 0.01 180 ) the first number is your degree of sightedness (minus means near-sighted, plus means far-sighted), the second number is your degree of astigmatism (can be plus or minus but it is not important), the third number is the axis of your astigmatism (many people do not have astigmatism so some of the numbers may be unimportant)

For this example prescription the person has moderate near-sightedness and very slight astigmatism in the horizontal axis.

Luckily it’s easier than you think…

Almost all of the sites I have recommended on my site have easy entry glasses prescription options that make it efficient and simple to order the right glasses. However just in case there is something you don’t quite understand I have listed some important glasses prescription terms.

D.V. = abbreviation for distance vision

n.V. = abbreviation for near vision

o.D. = abbreviation for oculus dexter (right eye)

o.S. = abbreviation for oculus sinister (left eye)

o.U. = abbreviation for oculus uterque (both eyes)

spherical correction = refers to when a lens must be symmetrical in both axes

cylindrical correction = refers to a lens that corrects errors in only one axis

axis = vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines in relation to the eye

pd = pupillary distance; the distance between pupils of both eyes. It will be necessary for you to obtain your pupillary distance but this can be done with the help of a friend

Now you understand glasses…

Most of the glasses you buy online will require a prescription, so now you know what everything means you can easily go off right now and buy a pair. Follow the link below to go to my site where you will find all the sites and information you need to get your perfect glasses, quickly and easily.

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