About Ashton Sanders

Who is Ashton Sanders? I realize that many of you have no idea who Ashton Sanders is, so I thought I would do a quick post about his past.

Ashton Sanders was born in Los Angeles, and joined the cub scouts when his younger brother got into tiger cubs. They were both the goody-two-shoes of their public school in Los Angeles. When he finished 6th Grade, he transferred to Delphi Academy of Los Angeles.

Ashton Sanders always loved sports. He was on the soccer team my four high school years, the volleyball team, and the football team.  mgwin123   He was also the captain of the Soccer Team the year they became undefeated League Champions; a school record to say the least. Ashton was awarded the League’s Most Valuable Player Award and the Team Spirit Award. If there was anyone on the field keeping the team motivated and feeling good about what they’ve accomplished so far it was Ashton Sanders.

Ashton also became very interested in computers (a computer nerd). Him and his friends had a LAN Party every school break, and he built a couple of his own computers with his father and brother. He loves working on the computer, and is very good at it. He’s picked up on a lot of tricks and shortcuts over the years, and consider himself a computer nerd in every aspect. He started working on websites with his brother at the age of 16, under the name Websites in a Flash .

Ashton Sanders was in the Boy Scouts of America Program since he joined in 3rd Grade. He got his Eagle Scout at the age of 17 and spent three summers working at Camp Cherry Valley, a Boy Scout camp on Catalina Island. They were the best summers of his life: teaching kids how to grow up and become productive, helpful members of society, and having a blast doing it.

After Ashton’s second year at Camp Cherry Valley, he moved to Montana with his fiance, and bought his first house at the age of 20. His website business has been growing and expanding since he graduated. He’s been fortunate enough to work with some amazing website design and Search Engine Optimization professionals. He’s very proud of his website company, and have some very big plans for it.

Ashton Sanders uses the many traits and qualities that he learned through the Boy Scout Program to supply the best customer service in the website industry. He is dedicated to creating valuable products for his clients.

Currently, Ashton Sanders is creating an Internet Database Software called Database in a Flash that will allow website owners to simply and easily update their own database-driven website. Clients who have the program installed into their website won’t have to learn any program language. They will be entered into a password-encrypted website that allows them to create, update or delete the products or items they have on their website. Version 2.0-2.4 of this software has already been installed on real estate websites, class car websites, and gift store websites. Ashton is going to be releasing Database in a Flash version 3.0 in the very near fut

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