Trains to Philly From NYC – A Scenic, Safe and Swift Ride

Trains to Philly from NYC always offer a scenic, safe and swift ride for the convenience of the passenger. Since many people travel often or even commute daily between the two cities, fast, comfortable and efficient rail service is constantly needed. For passengers to whom travel time is of the utmost importance, Amtrak offers frequent daily train schedules on its Acela-Expresss providing the extra comforts of plush, spacious seats, full size overhead luggage racks and attractive club cars complete with lounge and varied light-food, beverage and snack service. If rapid rail travel is not your priority, regular Amtrak trains also provide quality travel comforts with reliable schedules and service. All Amtrak trains depart from New York City’s Penn Station, arriving at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. And fares are reasonable, starting at $45 for a one-way ticket on Amtrak’s Keystone, Carolinian or Northeast Regional trains; and just $143 on the Acela-Express.

Another safe and reliable travel option for trains to Philly from NYC is offered by New Jersey Transit. On a daily basis, NJ Transit trains leave Pennsylvania Station in New York approximately every hour, with service available starting at 4:20 a.m., with convenient connections available to the Septa train line in Trenton, NJ for your final destination of Philly. In Philly, you can choose either the 30th Street or Market Street Stations for arrival points, since NJ Transit trains make stops at both. The fare is quite reasonable under $20 for a one-way ticket, or less than $40 for round trip. If you’re planning to return to New York on a morning schedule, there are also trains running from Philly to NYC (by route of Septa to Trenton) beginning as early as 4:20 a.m.

Just Sit Back and Enjoy Your Ride

You’ll enjoy the relaxed, leisurely trip that traveling by train is famous for. Along the way to Trenton on trains to Philly from NYC, you’ll pass through the attractive New Jersey countryside surrounding towns such as Elizabeth, New Brunswick and Princeton Junction. Many students travel to and from classes by means of this route, and there’s a stop near Newark just for the Newark Airport transit. So, you’ll probably encounter visitors from abroad, as well, and some interesting and friendly conversation, if you’re in the mood for it.


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