Improving Your Skills to Optimize Your Scrabble Online Game Play

If you enjoy playing Scrabble Online, it is important to know and understand that there are several ways that you may improve your skills. By taking the time to optimize your skills, you will discover that you receive higher scores while playing this game both online and offline. Many individuals feel that Scrabble is nothing more than a word game. However, this could not be further from the truth. Scrabble is more than a word game or a spelling game; it is a game of skill and careful consideration. Throughout this guide, you will learn the ways that you will be able to enhance your skill set in this popular game.

When playing Scrabble Online, it is important to ensure that you take the time to learn the letters that many popular words start with and end with. By doing so, you will be able to sort the letters that contribute to the beginning and ending of words more easily from your rack. For example, you know that there are many words that start with the letters “UN” and “TH”. It is in your best interests as a player to keep these letter tiles in your rack and to place them on the left side of the rack. This ensures that you know that these tiles are for the beginning of words. In the same respect, you know that many words end in the letters of “ER” and the letter “S”. You will want to keep these tiles and place them on the right side of your rack.

The next way to increase the amount of points that you acquire in Scrabble Online is to observe the words carefully that are on the board. It is important to remember that you may successfully add a letter or more to words that are already in play. For example, if the word “rook” is in play, you could add a “C” to the beginning and an “S” to the end in order to create the word “crooks”. These words are often referred to as “Hooks”. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on any and all opportunities that are associated with the bonus squares that are included in the game. If you are able to play the hooks on the bonus squares, you will find that you are able to obtain an even higher score than you have on your best game in the past.

If you want to improve your skills in playing Scrabble Online, it is important that you learn a variety of words that contain a lot of vowels. Then, once you build up vowels in your rack, you are more likely to create many different words that will allow you the capability of earning quite a bit of points during game play. Examples of words that include a large number of vowels that could assist in increasing the amount of points that you have include those such as “Aeon”, “Ease”, “Eave”, “Bookie”, and “Aura”. As you can see, there are many different ways that you may successfully build up your skills in Scrabble Online in order to optimize the amount of points that you accumulate in the game.

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