Alpha Males Dominant Traits

What Alpha Traits does Agent 007 Display?

If we had a battle royal with all the great alpha males in history, who do you think would win? Admittedly, this is a completely silly question, only a little better than something like “who would win between Spiderman or The Batman?” (Obviously, The Batman would win, as he is more alpha… )

But this question isn’t totally frivolous. I pose it to you because I wanted to make the point of how James Bond is basically the supreme example of an alpha male that we have in our culture. There are other men from history and fiction that are strong candidates, but none of them are likely to be as familiar as James Bond is. If you think of fictional alpha males, there is Superman (he doesn’t really get any women), or Tyler Durden (great example, but he was only in one movie). I think Agent 007 offers the most well understood example of the embodiment of alpha male dominant traits.

So what are these traits? Well, one of them is fearlessness. You have never seen James Bond lacking for confidence. This is an interesting characteristic for normal men to try to adopt. Since we are not super spies who are always guaranteed a sequel, we cannot be completely fearless in the face of incoming bullets. We can learn to be socially fearless. This means that we recognize a situation for what it is, and then attack it with all our hearts. For example, if you see a woman at some venue and want to approach her, just do it. Do it without any worries about the repercussions, because as long as you are respectful you really can’t suffer that much, no matter how she responds to you.

Another key trait that James Bond displays is decisiveness. He is always moving towards some aim, some definite goal, and you never see him waver. Take a look at his classic line, probably the second most famous piece of dialogue that he has. Whenever he orders a martini-basically the only drink he ever orders and he always gets it the same way, shaken not stirred.

He never has to think about what he wants to drink, and therefore always appears to make his decisions with speed and precision. Of course, he maintains this image by    .geekowear  making all his decisions in this way. This is not easy to do in real life, but with practice you can learn to do so. Simply start making decisions quickly when it comes to trivial things like what to have for lunch or what shirt to wear. Gradually, you will become more decisive.

James Bond truly embodies two of the alpha male’s most important traits: fearlessness and decisiveness. He goes into every situation with utter confidence, and never wastes a moment wavering. If you can cultivate these traits-social fearlessness and quick decision-making-you will project the image of being an alpha male. Practice these habits everyday and you will see results quickly.


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