Australia’s Best in “Australia”

Many Australians find the movie Australia more than just another entertaining movie. In all fairness, the movie is entertaining enough, to say the least. Set in the boundless wilds of the 40s, this movie is a perfect combination of greats coming together as one.

First, the main actor of the movie stars Australia’s greatest wonder of all: Hugh Jackman. Considered as one of the most famous Australians of all time, Hugh is a bazinga highly respected actor, producer, and singer in the US and Australia. His talent in acting, although not as apparent here, still stands out. Paired with Nicole Kidman however, the acting part took on a very convincing tone in the movie. Together they created a wonderful chemistry that produced sparks all throughout the movie.

The second reason why Australia shines is Baz Luhrmann. This multi-awarded Australian director made the movie as if it would flicker to life anytime on the screen. The background opening of the movie was set in the wilderness of the Australia–replete with limitless wilds, leaping kangaroos, explosions, clliffs, stampedes, sunsets, dust storms. These elements characterize Luhrmann’s own homeland, producing a totally gorgeous and captivating scenes. Many critics even said that Luhrmann was trying to capture his entire country in the movie.

The movie is classified as a war-torn romance type but can also easily fall into coming-of-age story, especially with the role of an English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, portrayed by Nicole Kidman.

The plot revolves around the impulsive decision of Lady Sarah to drive her cattle for over 1500 miles to Darwin. Before embarking on her journey, she had to recruit Drover (Hugh Jackman), a rough equivalent of Australian cowboy, who came to hate her unusual guts.

In general, the movie is an exotic blend of action and romance set in Australia’s historical transformation as it entered the Second World War. The end of the movie would witness the Japanese bombing of Darwin, the first ever attack by a foreign power. The movie became one of the hottest Australia news, becoming one of the biggest blockbusters in the country by displacing Quantum of Solace to the second place.

Despite some critics saying that the movie lacks artistic value, it is still a very entertaining film to watch. It offers plenty of things to enjoy although nothing can stir the imagination after watching it. Nevertheless, Australia is a good test whether people still love to see spectacles or not. Its box office rating is the best indicator.

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