Social Marketing Jobs

Social marketing jobs have become more popular in recent years. The popularity of social media web sites have caused businesses to include jobs in social media marketing. Traditionally, jobs in marketing focused on print, television, and radio ads. Marketing professionals used these mediums to influence the buying behavior of targeted markets.

Corporations are discovering that social marketing is less costly and quite effective. edu-art-gelderland People tend to buy products based on recommendations from friends and family. There is a trust factor that plays heavily into the buying behavior of consumers, so marketing professionals can target the captive audience on the internet.

Studies show that people are spending more time online than ever. There are billions of users on the internet, and this number continues to grow every day, so the potential market is enormous. In addition, many forums are developing around certain interests, so this leads to a captive audience that is interested in certain activities and products. This is the perfect environment for a marketer. Jobs in marketing depend upon the professionals being able to reach and influence their target audience. The internet has made this easier in some ways.

Social marketing also includes brand and reputation management. A company must pay close attention to what consumers are saying about their products and services. One person having a negative experience can negatively affect the public perception of a product or service; thus, social media professionals have a duty to effectively manage the brand of their clients.

Also, social marketing provides an environment where consumers can communicate with companies. This communication line opens up a direct method of active dialogue. Customers can critique products and services, and the corporation can use this market research to improve their products and services.

For example, one company recently changed their logo. Consumers were vehemently opposed to the change, and ultimately, the company changed back to the old logo. Customers were very unhappy with the change, and this company realized that they should have done more market research before making a change of this nature.

This type of social interaction between consumers and companies is important. The internet is a excellent way to exchange large amounts of information immediately. Information can reach people around the world within a few seconds. This type of marketing is cost efficient, and marketers are able to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. They can see the direct effect that a social marketing campaign has on the sales of a product or service. Also, a campaign can be adjusted quickly if it is not effective.


Social Marketing Part 2

Social marketing is gauged and measured by meeting a common list of standard criteria. rattlerecords They are usually called the “P’s” of social marketing. When a social marketing agency plans a campaign, they use these as a guide to make sure the reaction and the results will meet expectations. Listed are the specific aspects that make for a good campaig

Social Marketing Mix includes:

Most social marketers refer to these elements as the “P’s” of social marketing.


    • Product – The social marketing “product” is not necessarily a physical offering. Products range from tangible, physical products (condoms), to services (medical exams), practices (breastfeeding or eating a heart-healthy diet) and more intangible ideas (environmental protection). For the product to be viable, the target must first believe they have a genuine problem, and that the product offering is a good solution for that problem. The goal of the product is to create an awareness (in the target) where there is a need that is not being fulfilled, thus moving the target to initiate use.


    • Price – refers to what the consumer must do in order to obtain the social marketing product.” This cost may be monetary, or it may instead require the consumer to invest time or effort. If the costs outweigh the benefits for an individual, the perceived value of the offering will be low and it will be unlikely to be adopted. However, if the benefits are perceived as greater than their costs, chances of testing or using the product is much greater.


    • Place – describes the way that the product reaches the consumer” or “how do you get it?” Whether it is a tangible product that requires some type of distribution and outlets for sale, or a non-tangible product that might occur in a training or information forum. If it is a free product, perhaps a condom or health materials, accessibility of the offering is of key importance. As more information is revealed by the user, distribution can be streamlined to fit users needs.


    • Promotion – Finally, promotion. Promotion consists of the integrated use of advertising, public relations, promotions, media, personal selling and entertainment vehicles. The focus is on creating and sustaining demand for the product. Public service announcements or paid ads are one way, but there are other methods such as coupons, media events, editorials, and events to create awareness or in-store displays. Research is valuable to determine the most effective and efficient means to reach the target audience and increase demand, also true in commercial media.


    • Partnerships – Social and health issues can be more effectively marketed by gaining partnerships with a similar organization, where both benefit by combining efforts. This can also be created and implemented with broadcast media.


    • Policy – social marketing can affect policy. Utilizing awareness can affect our view of environmental issues, health matters, changes in behaviors and can create media advocacy.


  • Purse Strings – Where does the funding/financing come from? This could be through government grants, organizations that are cause related, or through fund-raising.

What Is Email Marketing, Anyway?

Upon doing a bit of research, it can be concluded that the majority of businesses thinking about promoting their company offers via email marketing are not searching for “how to create an effective email campaign,” but rather looking for  joukjeakveld answers to the most basic, standard question, “What is email marketing?” In fact, according to keyword search statistics, at least 673,000 people monthly demand answers to this very question.

So, in an effort to respond to the hundreds of thousands of people typing this question into search engines every month, I will go ahead and define what this marketing platform is, how it works, and how exactly it can be beneficial for your business.

Email marketing is a method of outreach for companies that are trying to generate exposure of their product or service offerings, drive traffic to their website, and build and retain a loyal customer base.

Before getting into the nitty gritty and technical components of how it works, it is important to first understand the different types of email marketing.

1. Newsletter Email Marketing – Marketing to an optin email database consisting of your existing customers with the primary goal to keep in touch with them on a frequent basis is what is called newsletter email marketing. A company will attempt to maintain this beneficial relationship by emailing different forms of corporate correspondence to their current clients in the form of company announcements, press releases, and new, upcoming events.

2. Promotional Email Marketing – This form of advertising is similar to newsletter email marketing in that it involves sending emails to your existing customer database. However, as opposed to sending weekly or monthly company updates, you are sending promotional offerings, consisting of product or services launches, coupons, sales, and/or special promotions.

3. Acquisition Email Marketing – All email marketing that is centered on acquiring new customers falls under this specific category. Acquisition email marketing involves sending emails aimed at driving traffic to your corporate website, encouraging new, unique visitors to sign-up for something, increasing sales, or merely gaining exposure of your company brand name, product, or service offerings.

Now that the different types of email marketing have been laid out, it is important to get a grasp on how the entire process works. If you are delivering email messages to your own customer base of opt-in subscribers, you will need to begin your search for an ESP (Email Service Provider) that has the technological capabilities to deliver your own email offer to your own email list of opt-in consumers or business decision makers. If you have not yet built and designed an HTML email creative to send, your chosen ESP most likely offers a service that will create an email creative or advertisement to capture the message that you desire to disseminate to your audience.

If, on the other hand, you are attempting to attract new visitors to your site, you will need to find an ESP with its own optin email database of permission-based email data to which you will direct your email message. Using its own email software in place, your chosen ESP will deploy your message to a specified target market to attract those who could be interested in what you have to offer. All you need to do is provide the from name, the subject lines, an email creative or advertisement and the landing page that the email recipients will be directed to once they click on the link within your advertisement.

Sending commercial message via email has become one of the most effective and inexpensive forms of advertising offered. Based on a recently published study, approximately 90% of the population prefers to be notified of company products and services via an e-newsletter while only 10% prefer to be notified via Facebook. Given that the volume of advertising clutter on the Internet is steadily increasing, what better way to inform prospective consumers of your offerings by sending an email that lands directly to their inbox and makes it easy for them to seek additional information about you?

Here is additional information about the Guaranteed Opens Email Marketing Campaign in which you only pay for the emails that have been delivered to the inbox, opened, and read.


How To Start Email Marketing

Great Article For Anyone Wanting To Learn About Email Marketing

With everyone chained to their computers these days, email marketing is the smartest method you can use. Try to use these tips to learn about email marketing.

Create subjects which are succinct. Subject lines that have more than 60 characters are less  nonduiven likely to grab the attention of readers. Keep in mind that longer subjects will be truncated, so keep your most important information at the start of the subject.

In the middle of the opt-in process, you should ask for at least the first names of your customers, if not their first and last names. When you have this information, you can personalize email messages for personal attention. That personal touch helps your emails get more attention.

Celebrate your subscribers’ birthdays with a congratulatory message. Include a field for customers to opt in so they can receive a birthday wish. This can make customers feel appreciated, especially if your greeting has a coupon included with it.

It can kill your website to be accused of being a spammer. Make every possible effort to have a clear, concise opt-in method with a confirmation step. This means that visitors who subscribe to your email list should automatically and immediately receive an email from your company asking them to confirm their subscription. The email should have links for both confirming and canceling the subscription Subscribers will appreciate your security efforts, and you’ll be able to prove that your emails are not spam if need be.

Your email marketing messages should be kept short. You should use direct language that gets right to the point. This will show you have respect for the subscribers’ time. It will also help you to be sure that busy consumers actually read the entire content of your emails. Although your most important information should be at the top of the email, there are always important links and content near the end as well.

“How To Start Email Marketing”
The more options you give your customers, the more effective your email marketing will be. Allows your subscribers to select the number of messages that they would like to get, and the amount of information that they want to disclose to you. The greater amount of control that your customers have over this, the more comfort they will experience.

Only email those that have give their permission. Delivering messages to consumers who have shown no interest in receiving them will only lead to them putting a block on your emails. If enough customers complain to your email provider about unwanted emails from you then you could be dropped for violating policies.

“How To Start Email Marketing”

Use Alt tags if you add images to your emails. These are just in case an image is unable to load. The tag should have a relevant description so the recipient knows what the image was supposed to be. Links should also include tags.

Given the abundance of knowledge presented in this article, check in with yourself to make sure you remember all that you have read. Feel free to review this article at your convenience, or bookmark it for later reference. By making use of its advice, you will likely be able to improve the quality of any email marketing efforts you undertake.


The Benefits of Email Marketing and How to Use It to Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered how to use email marketing to increase your sales, drive website traffic or expand your company? Have you ever wondered if it’s worth the effort?

This brief article will explore these questions and provide you with a few guidelines and some information to help in your next email marketing e-darts campaign or to help you decide to launch one. Email marketing really does work, but like everything in marketing, there are some rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

Let’s begin by reviewing the real benefits of email marketing. Exactly what can email marketing do and why.

Direct connection to existing customers – You can send an old or ongoing customer updates, information, special offers and other data that they will find useful, or that gets them to visit or re-visit you.
An email is a little website – Remember that HTML emails are, in essence, a webpage. They can contain images, videos and links and are a great way to present information. Additionally, each email can be dynamically customized to the receiver.
Emails can be shared – As mentioned above, an email can be a small webpage. It can contain social media buttons and links, but it can also be forwarded and copied to others. A good email with useful and helpful information may get passed on to the recipient’s friends and associates.
There are many automated processes that can be used – A good email marketing campaign will make use of auto-responders and time-based releases, thus vastly increasing the effectiveness and reducing the time needed to send multiple emails to multiple users.
When it comes to the benefits of email marketing, these 4 broad items only scratch the surface. Often, the industry in which you work may determine the methods of your email marketing and also what is passed to the recipients. However, you may be asking how you go about the email marketing process and where you get the emails in the first place. Again, there are many options here, but let’s look at a few to get you started:

Purchase a list – there are many reputable email lead companies that allow you to purchase an opt-in list of emails based on a variety of criteria. This can be a good way to start cold if you don’t already have a list of your own.
Build an email list – use list-building tools on your website such as a newsletter sign up, a free offer when someone enters their name and email and even blog comments.
Use your existing emails – Send out some useful information to your existing customers. Something not necessarily related to you directly, and ask them to share it or like it on Facebook, or connect with you on LinkedIn, etc. You can often build a list from a list.
Provide a free app that requires a registration – if you can offer a simple or not-so-simple mobile app on your website, you can get people to download it and enter their name, email and other data in order to activate it. This is a great way to build a list because it provides yet another avenue into people’s sphere of concern.
The benefits of email marketing should be clear to you now. There are few other ways to connect directly with people and grow your connections simultaneously that are effective as an email. Further, with so many options for people to read their emails, including their computers and mobile devices, your emails have a much better chance of being read and read quickly.

Of course, as mentioned, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. You have to be careful with emails, as you are dealing with individuals in their own digital space. Keep these few tips in mind:

Don’t spam – if you buy an email list, make certain it’s an opt-in list. Always respect people’s privacy and if they ask to unsubscribe, make sure they can do so.
Always get permission to send an email – if you are building your own list, make sure that when somebody opts in, they understand that they may receive further messages
Do not share your emails – Keep your emails to yourself. Nobody will trust you if they find out you gave away or sold their email address.
Observe the anti-spam laws – read over the spam laws and make sure you follow them. They’re not complex, but they do contain guidelines that will keep you out of trouble.
Don’t hammer advertising down anyone’s throat – A good rule of thumb in any email campaign is the 80 / 20 rule. Most of the time, your information should be useful to the recipient and not just a direct effort to sell. This will make your emails more effective and maintain a positive opinion of you and your company.
When an email campaign is performed properly, the benefits of email marketing will accrue to you quickly and in the long-term. Email can be a very powerful way to drive website traffic, generate sales, increase your reputation and even create new email leads. Be careful, be respectful, be above board and of course, use the most professional copywriting techniques in the content of your email to grab and keep their attention.

There are many tips and secrets to good marketing and copywriting on Scott’s blog, tips you can use to increase sales, drive traffic and grow your business.

Advantage Advertising and Marketing, Scott’s company, has been providing expert and effective professional copy writing services to a variety of clients and companies for years. His intuitive understanding of what makes compelling copy and his ability to work with a client to help them grow has earned Scott a good deal of respect in the industry. Please visit the AA&M website to learn more.


The Most Significant Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service Provider

Most online business icons and experts who have had a successful experience with the integration of email marketing with the conventional ways of promoting and selling products and services to end-users or consumers, find this marketing model to still be the most effective business strategy among all.

Aside from the fact that this marketing approach is much easier to do, it also doesn’t cost much legrosjambon even when companies have to hire email marketing service providers.

What’s best about this online marketing technique is that email campaign success can be measured for online business owners to be able to reformat and improve the plan to bring in more engaged customers; this, could consequently establish a powerful online presence and rev up the sales and financial gains of the company.

SEO optimization and the utilization of social media platforms should not be neglected because email marketing could never equate to its importance in providing businesses with dominant brand visibility and high page rankings in SERPs. However, after all these have been incorporated to the business scheme, of course, with a solid email marketing strategy, the next big step would involve the selection of the suitable and best email marketing service providers.

Choosing what email marketing service providers best suit a company could really be something to be well thought of and answering these most significant questions would make the choice a lot easier.

· Who is your target audience?

Before choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP), it is necessary to have extensive knowledge about the scale of the business needs. It is also important to consider the size of the audience target distribution list and if support tools are needed to establish the email list. Online business companies should also be well-versed that approaches with the existing customers should differ with those recipients who are still yet to be persuaded to engage and subscribe.

· What content must be sent to the email recipients?

After establishing the target audience and the email list has been finalized, the next big leap would be deciding what to send them. Content is very significant for any email campaigns and newsletter, this is why the email marketing service providers should be able to provide highly-optimized email campaigns with the ability to tailor-fit the content based on the company’s goals and objectives.

· How often and what days and time should the emails be sent for effective marketing?

Some email marketing service providers charge by the number of emails sent which is why it is important for online businesses to calculate the revenue per thousand emails or the RPM. Yes, this e-commerce marketing strategy can offer high ROIs, but some email marketing campaigns tend to fail if the time and days of sending are not well planned and also when providers overdo the sending just to get higher income.

· What are the reasons why companies email their target audience?

Some email marketing service providers do relatively well in terms of creating emails, but what they fail at is the proper distribution techniques and the utilization of the social media platforms in the marketing strategy. The integration of social media should be evaluated as to the extent of need to attain higher reach, open rates, and click-throughs.

· What support features and additional services does a business need?

Not all service providers promising expertise in this marketing tactics can give a full complete service package. Most could only provide the basic tools and services and with additional services, they would likely charge an additional cost as well. Availing additional services is an option, but it would be great if the one a business hires could provide user-friendly services such as A/B testing and others.


10 Email Marketing Best Practices

Primary! Social! Promotional! Ya… it is the format of our Gmail accounts. It has been incorporated long since today, and is the most lively adopted format which is heartily adopted worldwide. Why it has been divided so? It has been employed to enhance the functionality and the look funnykareltje of the Gmail accounts and you have surely felt the difference when all mails were merged and when all are dispersed into the chunks. Emails are the most professional and technical approach to transfer any attachment and to making on-line diverse deals. Actually, the mail you have sent to your client should be engraved with proper format and the language you will use.

Gone were those days, when email ids were identified by only mails and attachments. It is the cut throat era in which email marketing is in vogue. Email marketing is the type of direct digital marketing tool that employs the electronic mail for the purpose of delivery of commercial message. Now, the email marketing is becoming more prominent as the days pass by. Many agencies create the marketing content and then diffuse it to the customers via an email marketing campaign. The problem is that the results can be hit or miss.

Now, it is time for a question. How do you increase your chances of getting a click-through? Utilizing the righteous email marketing technique, you can surely enhance your conversions. Just like any other marketing strategy, the email marketing campaign lies in the attention to detail, careful planning, solid content and follow-up. Knowing how to reach your customers is just a piece of the puzzle. In a nutshell, the key to the successful marketing campaign is to pick the apt email marketing path.

Email Marketing Best Practices:

Let us discuss some tips for developing a strategic email road map that assists you to be prepared to hit the ground running in 2015.

1. Go mobile; It’s the future:

Responsive design can lead to a 130% increase in email clicks. Yes, you have read absolutely right. Just read once more! With the leading-edge world, this has been clearly stated that regardless of any marketing channel, small screen’s vitality can’t be overlooked. Every single aspect from the website design to newsletters, email template and landing pages, everything has to be responsive. Moreover, adding the social buttons in the email will increase your success rate.

2. Invest in Analytics:

Data and analytics make sure that you will go with the righteous approach and channel to acquire the better results. That’s why, step up your pace vigilantly about what you are doing, what’s the general market behaviour, what visitors generally behave towards your brand and then perform the steps. If you will spend a dollar on analytics, it can secure your $1 million from going waste.

3. Get in front of the readers:

Creating the blog and email content are all what was required to reach to the top of the search engines, convert them into users and beat your competitors. The world is not constrained up to just having the content, you will have to promote it utilizing appropriate tools and tactics.

4. Lead the conversation on social media:

Follow your customers. Go where they move. It is not adequate to join social media networks, you must engage with the customers. Choose the networks your customers prefer to use. Social media channel is the huge and imperative mode to get your brand endorsed. Through the content promotion and the authentic engagement, you can drive the visitors to your website and convert them into email subscribers.

5. Emphasize the quality writing over the visual content:

Visually compelling emails might be proved stunning, but they are ineffective at the same jiffy. Some email subscribers say they prefer emails with lots of images whilst some emphasize on the more content-oriented email. So, monitor your click through rates to search what style of email your audiences prefer.

6. Make it easy to sign up for your emails:

This is the busy-bees ambiance and an individuals skips out the website which will take time to sign up or any other option to enter into the site. Make facile for the users to register and increase your conversion rate. Employ the floating footer bar, slide in, sidebar widget and after post widget to use various categories of alternatives to grab the most subscribers.

7. Increase the email automation and drip marketing:

Drip marketing is the fruitful campaign in the world of email marketing. It allows the agencies to remain cognizant in the minds of the customers even at the specific jiffy, it is not accessible in the market. Apply this significant drip marketing in several ways such as if your emails have primarily focused on the selling, then you can utilize automated drip marketing to build up more trust and credibility.

8. Double opt-in:

This pioneer method allows the recipient to pick a brand’s email program by sending a blank email to the specific email address. When someone completes that then it triggers an opt-in confirmation request email that asks the individual to activate their subscription by clicking on a link in the email. A US author has stated that this process is slighter easier than signing up for email via SMS.

9. Execute an email-optimization process:

The email elements such as copy, design, calls to action, subject lines, headlines, landing pages, frequency and time sent require the continual improvement. An audit is very essential component in the email marketing. Analyse the email optimization tests for each campaign to determine what will best work out for your target audience. Execute this after a regular span to gain the higher performance of your email-marketing program.

10. Test everything secluded:

You are besieged with various new advices all the time. However, employ the split test for each to ensure whether that factor will work out for your email marketing. Just because something works for someone that doesn’t seem it will work for you and your business.


Terminate Debts With Aid From Debt Management Services

Debt management services can be best defined as a rationale ways and policies which assist in eliminating debts. Actually, borrowers resort to these services when debts become too burdensome and the borrower is not in a right position to properly handle debts. This is where the services provide logical solutions which will assist borrower to lead a debt free life.

The main purpose of debt  Managed IT Services Near Me management services is to properly help a borrower ascertain debts accumulated. By making an assessment of all the outstanding debts, it becomes easier for the borrower to understand debts which will ultimately help him to pay off the debts. If necessary, experts associated with these services will negotiate with the creditors to reduce the interest rates. Lower interest rate implies that borrower has now to pay less as monthly installments towards the lender.

What it basically does is that it helps to finish off all the debts at a single go. No longer is the borrower answerable to multiple lenders as with the help of a loan debts are paid off. Now, borrower is required to pay of the loan to consolidate the debts by paying monthly payments at low interest rate. It also ensures that borrower is paying back the loan dues regularly within the agreed time period.

These services can be found in the financial market in various forms. It is available in the form of debt consolidation, debt eradication, credit card counseling, debt consolidation tips and so on. Based on the circumstances and requirement you can opt for any one of them.

To know and understand more about the services you can switch to online. Here, you can find different debt management service providing companies who are willing to help borrowers escape from debts. Online application provides instant results and moreover you can access it from anywhere by clicking on the mouse.

Debt management services are well defined services which are meant to help terminate all the irritating debts.



What Makes the Best Gift – Flowers or Gift Baskets?

Picking out a gift for someone is a very personal decision. You have to make sure your chosen gift is both appropriate for the type of relationship you have with the other person, as well as being appropriate for the occasion.

There is a time when giving flowers is the way to go, and there are other times when a gift basket is more appropriate. Flowers are great for many occasions, be it a birthday, graduation, funeral or just letting someone special know that you care. When choosing the flowers, it is important to keep in mind the other persons preferences because this can have a marked effect on how they perceive the gift. If the flowers are going to a friend rather than a significant other, it is best to keep them understated. This prevents them from getting the wrong message, and keeps things from becoming awkward later on. It is also important to keep in mind what the occasion is, for example giving someone a dozen roses at a funeral is not the best form.

If giving flowers seems a bit too risky, a gift box is always a wonderful option. The great thing about gift  Corby florist  boxes is that you can make them as personal or impersonal as you desire, giving you total control over the message you are trying to send. It is still important to choose items for your basket that are appropriate for the occasion.

Gift baskets are also appropriate for a much wider variety of occasions, and there is less chance of it being misconstrued into something it isn’t by the recipient. The best gifts are the simplest, so keep that in mind. Most of the time it is a great idea to come up with a theme, such as a certain brand of food, and then fill the basket with items that fit with that theme. Just remember not to go too far, you want the basket to be big enough to be appreciated, but stay within reason. A good medium sized basket should do the trick.

To wrap things up, both flowers and a basket are wonderful ideas for a present. Which one you choose depends on the occasion, the taste of the recipient and your own budget. Whichever you choose, it is important to keep the recipient and the circumstances in mind and choose the appropriate gift accordingly for it to be the best it can be.


6 Tips in Choosing an Online Education University

If you’ve decided to get a university education online, here are a few tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Tip 1: Online education has grown into a multi billion dollar industry, and as such it is only to be expected that some unscrupulous characters may be lurking in cyberspace to take advantage of the uninitiated by offering lousy programmes which is virtually useless. So, to be on the safe side, study with a reputable online education university. Ask around among friends, relatives and colleagues to recommend one. In addition, do a search on the Internet for reviews of the online universities you have short listed before making a decision.

Tip 2: Should the online education university be accredited? Well, yes and no. Some institutions of higher learning offers excellent courses but are not accredited because of a myriad of legitimate reasons. Do not equate non accreditation to automatically mean illegitimate. That’s wrong. In cases where you just want to learn some very basic skills, then accreditation won’t be a factor in your decision anyway.

Tip 3: If you want to further your studies for career advancement, find out from the relevant authorities concerned whether the degree you plan to pursue are recognised by them. For example, Miss A is a civil servant and she presently has a diploma. She wants to do an MBA online. She goes to her department head and was told that the MBA would not be recognised simply because the department’s requirement is that she must have a basic degree first before she go for a Master’s degree.

Tip 4: Before signing up, email the shortlisted online university and asked them any questions which you may have about the course you are interested in. See if they have a trial sessions for prospective students. From the promptness of their responses and the way they answer your questions, you should have a good idea what kind of university you are dealing with.

Tip 5: Make sure you go through all the fine prints before signing up. For instance, I was once told that a certain university never inform their students that they would have to do a viva for their final research paper. In the end, many students gave up because getting through a viva is no joke.

Tip 6: Study the course schedule closely and decide whether you have the time and money to complete it. Think through it carefully. Although many online education university tend to use the phrase “study at your own pace”, its not entirely true because you still have deadlines to meet in respect of submitting your assignments.