Top Online Marketing Trends For 2010

I have already predicted hot marketing trends for the year 2010. But relatively I observed these days offline marketing activities are combined with online nowadays. Offline marketers are trying to get the maximum from their online strategies as well. According to the blogs and web sites and also based on my current knowledge following online marketing trends are predictable this year.

1- Segmentation becomes the important online strategy to deliver personalized communication to nachhaltigkeit-bank the customer. Likewise, in offline marketing, segmenting the customers and sending them relevant marketing messages are going to be the key task for online marketers. Using the behavioral data online marketers need to identify profitable and meaningful segments to convey the message which suit them best. This year online marketers will spend their three quarter time for this and construct the online marketing activity more meaningful.

As a part of the segmentation strategy, email marketing is predicted to be the major outcome of it. Companies which solely operate online keep on investing more on email marketing and through effective segmentation offer a very appropriate and personalized communication to the customers. The only threat is, with the current economic problems how customers are going to respond to the email marketing of the firms. For this customers opinion should be obtained about the email frequency.

2- Search marketing will continue to evolve and become stronger in the behavior of online customers. Consumer information search phase is closely associated to the search marketing. Apart from the search engines other social sites such as YouTube, Twitter, will also become more influential. This automatically boost the effort of search engine optimization, but it is also projected since customers look for more relevant results search engines may also change their logarithms and strategies in this year. We have to wait and see for this.

3- Tracking is likely to be the online soldier to defend your strategies and tactics. Online tracking of purchase behavior, search engine behaviors are also going to play major roles in an organization’s activities. Use of Google analytics site tracking is the other key to measure the success.

4- Social media is always emerging as an important strategy for the business. The buzz online is the main source of reputation for the firms operate online and offline. The negative word of mouth online will drop over 40% sales and spread more negative buzz about the firm. The effective handling of social media will also be an important strategy for firms in 2010.

5- Development of holistic digital portfolios will be the next trend in the year 2010. Earlier firms randomly did their digital marketing activities without uniqueness. But the important fact is, it is obligatory to combine everything as one strategy and build uniqueness among those. It can be the web site, Facebook page, blog, Twitter etc.

6- Consideration of Bing predicted to grow. Normally online firms formulate their strategy keeping Google in mind. Now the innovative breakthrough from Bing stimulates online marketers to think about it in their online marketing mix. The battle between Google and Bing, is the important factor online marketers need to consider.

7- Mobile web market is the new point companies need to look at. Now with the rapid increase in mobile penetration globally, customers want to keep their mobile phones as their purchasing wallet. Now it is time for online marketers to make use the mobile strategy and integrate with web applications.

8- Online customers think more about savings when they make a purchase. As a part of online strategy marketers need to convey messages about online coupons and savings concept. Since now online customers are price sensitive and they always look for better deal to purchase online.

9- Real time search from Google will be the other new study area for online marketers. The concept behind this is, getting relevant and fresh results for the searches.

10- Fewer registrations for web sites. Because of larger number of players in the competitive online market place, people find it difficult to remember their password and other information. So Facebook Connect and Open ID becoming popular where people use to register or signup for sites with one username and password


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